Over Easy Bar and Grill

serving  from sunrise to tequilla

Inviting Place For Everyone

enjoy coffee and free Wifi or stay late for live music and events!

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Upcoming Events

We will let you all know when the live music will be returning!

Our Story

Welcome To Janna & Kerry’s

Janna and Kerry met in early 1994 and together have gone on to do many things… Including raising two wonderful sons and opening two businesses. Kerry was a steelworker/artist who moved on to be an art teacher for elementary and high school kids. Janna attended school to become a dental tech but realized her passion lay within the service industry.

After working in a wonderful cafe for 18 years, Janna decided to take a leap of faith and go out on her own when a property presented itself. Kerry, being an artist, was all in as long as he could hang his art and the art of other locals. Janna’s Gallery Cafe was born. Together they made breakfast, treats, and served the best coffee in the Ottawa Valley (In our opinion LOL).


From a simple muffin or traditional breakfast to our breakfast burritos, paired with our fresh locally roasted coffees / specialties.

Breakfast Hours

9 am – 2 pm


Coffee and Free Wifi

Inviting space for students and entrepreneurs. Fresh iced or hot coffee always available.

Live Music and Events

We will let you all know when the live music will be returning!

Lunch and Dinner

Enjoy our mouth-watering Southwestern menu while experiencing Our Big City Style. Perfect for families or First Dates.
Only the Best

Local Beers

We pride ourselves in choosing local craft beers on tap and rotate them to keep you on your toes. Enjoy our large selection of craft beers, ciders, coolers, and domestic beers.
Come in to check out our weekly creative cocktail specials! Order a caesar, martinis, old-fashioned, sex on the beach, margaritas, mimosa’s cocktails.
If you have a favourite, ask and we’ll create.

Hours of Operation

11:00am – 9:00pm

9:00am – 9:00pm

9:00am – 2:00pm

(Breakfast hours - 9:00am - 2pm)

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